Sunday, September 8, 2013

Backup and Restore vs Export and Import

Here are a couple ways to copy content around in SharePoint:

Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite
Export-SPWeb and Import-SPWeb
A couple things to keep in mind:
Backup Restore SPSite is best used on Top sites, so use Backup and Restore SPSite if you are copying an entire site collection and all of it's sub sites to a new site collection on say a UAT or Production server. 
Use Export\Import SPWeb if you are copying a sub site and it's sub sites to a new location in a different site collection or if you are exporting a particular list or library to later import to a new site.
Make sure when exporting and importing that the site templates of the two sites, match.  In otherwords, if you are exporting from a team site ( webtemplate = STS#0 ) then make sure the target site that you're importing into is also based on the team site template. This post has good information on exporting and importing sites.


  1. Give me direction to take ACLs backup and restoration in SharePoint sitecollection

  2. You can use Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite which will include the ACL for all lists and libraries, or if you're looking to just hit a site and all of the subsites under that site, you can specify the -includeUserSecurity switch with the export-spweb, and then same thing on the import-spweb,

    Export-SPweb -includeusersecurity -includeVersions All followed by

    Import-spweb -includeUserSecurity -UpdateVersions overwrite

    make sure target site is based on same template as source, use view source and then search for wsaSiteTemplateID on your source, use get-spwebtemplate to determine type of site. Please post additional comments on TechNet forums, if any

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