Sunday, July 7, 2013

Modifying the Deployment.xml file for a FAST 2010 search server farm

Here's an example of a deployment file for a three server farm, 1 admin, 1 query, and 1 back end server,

The file above is based off the multi server example found on this page: t

The text in red shows how the example code was modified:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <deployment comment="FAST Search Server three node deployment example" xmlns="">   <instanceid>FASTSearchMultiNodeDemo <--- Changed to the mancave</instanceid> 
 <!-- NOTE: Host names "", "" and "" must be changed to the actual server names in use   -->   <connector-databaseconnectionstring /> 
<host name="Changed to 2010App1....">  
    <admin />   
    <indexing-dispatcher />   
    <content-distributor />  
    <webanalyzer server="true" link-processing="true" lookup-db="true" />   
   <document-processor processes="2" />   
<host name="Changed to 2010App1... SECTION and Deleted.">  
    <searchengine row="0" column="0" /> <--- Moved to 2010app1 section  
</host> <---Deleted
 <host name="Changed to 2010Web1...FQDN...">   
   <searchengine row="1" column="0" />   
   <query />   
 <row id="0" index="primary" search="true" />   
<row id="1" index="none" search="true" />   

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